predictive analytics, aplication analytics, machine learning

Application Analytics

Predict Who Will Stay or Leave Before You Hire

Improve Retention via Frictionless Experience

Create a frictionless candidate experience and inform selection decisions by leveraging candidate application data to predict retention in high volume job roles. Algorithms created specifically from your historical job application and employment history data predict which candidates are most likely to stay and perform.

Though application volumes have increased, 65% of applications do not meet basic requirements.

predictive analytics, aplication analytics, machine learning

Unlock Insights from Candidate Data You Already Hold

Application Analytics offers résumé-based predictive analytics to provide leaders with company-specific recruiting insights and superior selection criteria. Our résumé analytics technology quickly identifies top candidates based on key features associated with high performers within a specific company and role. Our machine-learning process identifies predictive features within data to inform your selection decisions.

A New Way Forward

Algorithmic Assessments

Directly link candidate application data to expected outcomes using historical trends.

Machine Learning

Our process identifies predictive features within structured and unstructured data to guide selection decisions.

Process Automation

Set thresholds to automatically move candidates to the next stage based on scores.

How Application Analytics Helps You

Cutting-Edge Technology

Advanced machine learning creates sophisticated algorithms to predict which candidates are likely to stay and perform in the role.


Every algorithm is customized for each client, role and desired outcome to drive performance.

Improved Outcomes

Our solution makes selection fast and improves performance outcomes and attrition.

Frictionless Experience

Eliminate candidate burden as screening is instantaneous and uses only standard application data.

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