precisefit, candidate selection, candidate experience

PreciseFit Workflow

Create a Candidate-Centric Selection Experience

Reimagine Candidate Selection

SHL PreciseFit Workflow uses our best practices, world-class assessments and innovative technology to optimize the candidate experience, increase recruiter effectiveness and improve performance outcomes. Our mobile-first interface offers timely feedback, keeps the candidate engaged and delivers value regardless of the outcome. Highly predictive, job-specific assessments measure what matters most and helps you find the candidates best suited for your role, company and culture.

64% of new hires do not receive an accurate picture of what the job will be like.

precisefit, candidate selection, candidate experience

Select the Best

Our comprehensive, omnichannel candidate selection workflow delivers unmatched precision and results with ease. We enable a highly efficient and effective selection process that benefits both the company and the candidate by allowing you to hire the best without sacrificing the recruiter or candidate experience.

Select High Quality Candidates


Make the right first impression and set the right expectation for candidates.


Equip candidates with a realistic preview of the job, culture and organization.


Measure competencies, abilities and behavioral styles that drive business outcomes.

Our Approach

Recruiting Effectiveness

  • Efficiently manage high and diverse application volumes.
  • Draw best-fit candidates further into the process.
  • Accurately identify top candidates and predict success.

Candidate Experience

  • Reduce unnecessary candidate effort.
  • Empower candidates to make informed decisions.
  • Deliver value to all candidates regardless of the outcome.

Business Outcomes

  • Improves the quality of hire and employee retention.
  • Drives more candidate discretionary effort.
  • Improves manager satisfaction in the recruiting function.

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Source: SHL and Gartner research.