Improve new-hire quality and retention with SHL’s selection solutions

Organizations face rapid changes and unknown dynamics in today’s complex recruiting market. At the same time, pressure to reduce costs and improve productivity is mounting.

SHL’s selection solutions improve recruiting efficiency and effectiveness as well as the candidate experience. By harnessing best practices and world-class assessments—presented through a user-friendly interface—you can easily identify candidates best suited for the role, company and culture. Using assessment data to measure candidates’ ability, personality and behavior against role requirements, ensures fair hiring decisions are made.

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Find the right people and provide an engaging candidate experience

For high-volume recruiting, SHL PreciseFit identifies the best candidates while delivering an easy-to-use, appealing experience on a mobile device, tablet or desktop. Tailor the interface with your branding, colors and media – and to predict for the specific business outcomes you’re seeking.

Highly predictive, job-specific assessments measure what matters most in candidates and helps you find the people best suited for your specific role, company and culture.

Dive Deeper: Beyond the Surface of Graduate Recruiting eBook

Graduate recruiting goes beyond filling your junior positions. They are tomorrow’s experts, and leaders, for when today’s experts and leaders retire or move on.

Our “Dive Deeper: Beyond the Surface of Graduate Recruiting” eBook to learn more about what’s really important in graduate recruiting.

Predict who will stay or leave –
before you hire

Application Analytics predict post-hire outcomes using application data alone—an extremely complex modeling task. The underlying algorithms are built from your historical data from job applications and employment histories, so the results are 100% specific to your organization and the role.

  • Score tens of thousands of candidate applications instantaneously, saving immense amounts of recruiter time.
  • Improve the candidate experience and reduces the drop-out rate.

Application volumes have increased 33% in recent years. However, 65% of applicants don’t meet basic qualifications.

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Source: SHL and Gartner research.