Unlock the Insights within the Data You Already Hold

Application Analytics offers résumé-based predictive analytics to provide HR and business leaders with company-specific recruiting insights and superior selection decision criteria. Our résumé analytics technology quickly identifies top candidates based on key features associated with high performers within a specific company and role.

As a result, time-to-hire drops, quality of hire rises, and candidates perform better, with lower attrition.

Features & Benefits

Cutting-Edge Technology

We use advanced machine learning techniques to create sophisticated algorithms that predict which job applications are most likely to lead to success in the role.

Customized for You Always

Because every organization is different, nothing is off the shelf. Every algorithm is customized for each client, role, and desired outcome.

Improved Outcomes and Efficiency

Our algorithms do not just make volume selection fast; they power your company by improving attrition and performance outcomes.

No Hassle, No Disruption

Easy for you and your applicants, screening is instantaneous and uses only standard job application data.

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