Why Now?

The recruiting process is critical in not only acquiring the right candidates but also strengthening their performance and intent to stay once in role.

Unfortunately, candidates view traditional selection practices as requiring high effort up front, exclusive, and lacking transparency and self-direction. Consequently, candidates find the application process frustrating and burdensome, tarnishing the organization’s brand reputation.

25% of candidates report having a negative experience during their recruitment process.

Source: Gartner analysis

Application volumes have increased 33% in recent years. However, 65% of applicants don’t meet basic qualifications.

Source: Gartner analysis

Hire and Retain The Best

The hiring process directly affects productivity, staff turnover, and your brand. The best companies know that the selection process does not have to be cumbersome in order to be precise and effective. Instead, they optimize their process to empower candidates to make informed decisions while providing recruiters the insight they need to identify the right applicants faster and more easily.

By building a comprehensive, candidate-centric recruiting experience, organizations increase their quality of hire while simplifying their recruiting process. 

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SHL PreciseFit

Our comprehensive, omnichannel candidate selection solution delivers unmatched precision and results with ease.

We enable a highly efficient and effective selection process that benefits both the company and the candidate by allowing you to hire the best without sacrificing the recruiter or candidate experience.

Reimagine Candidate Selection

PreciseFit embeds our best practices and world-class assessments in innovative technology to optimize the candidate experience, increase recruiter effectiveness, and improve post-hire outcomes.

Our modern, mobile-first interface offers timely feedback, keeps the candidate engaged, and delivers value regardless of outcome. Candidates are informed of job requirements, time commitments, and next steps, empowering them to self-select.

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Increased Recruiting Effectiveness

  • Efficiently manage high and diverse application volumes.
  • Draw best-fit candidates further into the process.
  • Accurately identify top candidates.
  • Improve the candidate experience.
  • Predict success in the role by applying psychometric and algorithmic assessments.

Enhanced Candidate Experience

  • Design with the candidate in mind.
  • Reduce unnecessary candidate effort.
  • Empower candidates to make informed decisions.
  • Mobile-first design appeals to a native technology generation.
  • Deliver value to all candidates regardless of outcome.

Improved Business Outcomes

  • Improves quality of hire and employee retention.
  • Drives more candidate discretionary effort.
  • Improves manager satisfaction in the recruiting function.
  • Decreases potential of brand damage.
  • Complies with professional and regulatory guidelines.

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Source: SHL and Gartner research.