Managed Services

SHL Managed Services

Simplify Assessment Administration

Managed services are an increasingly popular and cost-effective way for businesses to outsource the administration and project management of online assessments, for both recruitment and development programs.

Whether you are a small organization with infrequent or intermittent requirements or a large organization dealing with high volume assignments, managing candidate and employee assessment can be onerous. Outsourcing to an expert team can make more sense.

Let Us Manage Online Assessment on Your Behalf

For small and medium sized businesses outsourcing is an easy and affordable option. It gives them instant access to enterprise class capabilities – without having to make a large investment in systems, processes or in-house expertise. 

Larger organizations are attracted to managed services because they provide their candidates with a uniform best-in-class experience. Candidates are also more likely to complete the assessments. The 30% uplift in completion rates often achieved with our Managed Services, helps organizations to attract the best talent, in a shorter time than when managed in-house.

Why Managed Services?

  • Better results – Improved candidate experience and completion rates
  • Expert support – Available 24 hours a day from our experienced teams
  • Flexible service – Services tailored to your needs
  • Cost-effective and fast – No system knowledge required – we handle everything