SHL Video Interview

SHL Video Interview

Insight-Enriched Video Assessments

SHL Video Interview is an AI-scored online video assessment tool. Assess more candidates in less time, and reduce the speed of hire by 80%. Get accurate interview analytics and provide an engaging experience for candidates. 

SHL Video Interview
  • SHL Video Interview
  • SHL Video Interview
  • SHL Video Interview

Take Guesswork Out of Hiring

100% Cloud Based
Highly scalable assessment platform, deployable anywhere, anytime, and available in over a dozen languages

Mobile Ready
A device-agnostic solution, available on mobile phones (browser and app), tablets and computers

Automated Proctoring
Data-driven applicant analysis using webcams, browser controls, keystroke analysis and more

AI-Powered Video and Speech Analytics

Language Processing

Automatically analyze content relevance, structure and grammatical errors

Machine Learning

Proprietary models to accurately analyze personality and behavior

Speech Recognition

Deep learning for accurate speech transcription for various accents

Video Analytics

Optional analysis of facial expressions using Facial Action Coding System

SHL Video Interview

Make Better Hiring Decisions with AI-Scored Video Analytics

Get AI recommendations on body language, voice emotion, language proficiency, and personality.

Administer questions in video, audio or text format
Select the dispensing method to deliver the questions accordingly.

Create an unparalleled brand experience
Enjoy the benefits of face-to-face interviews with additional deep unbiased insights.

Enable collaboration among multiple interviewers
Share the copy of the recorded interview with multiple panelists for evaluation.

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