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The Challenge

The Axis Bank Young Bankers (ABYB) Program is designed to help future industry leaders grow through a one-year residential program.

The ABYB Program scaled quickly, attracting more than 20,000 candidates a year across 33 cities. Axis Bank required a reliable, standardized, and scalable assessment solution to identify and hire top candidates quickly.

To achieve this goal, the assessment solution needed to:

  • evaluate candidates in multiple locations in a short amount of time
  • have remote testing capabilities to screen a high volume of candidates
  • give both Axis Bank and candidates confidence that the selection process was fair and accurate.

The Solution

Aspiring Minds, an SHL company, understood that having a standard and efficient assessment solution was critical to ABYB.

We provided a hiring solution consisting of four online testing components:

  • Video Interview with AI-scoring to identify candidates most likely to possess the competencies to work in a competitive banking environment
  • Cognitive Test to determine which candidates possessed the necessary cognitive abilities to succeed in financial services
  • Sales Situational Judgment Test to identify prospects who can thrive under pressure
  • Personality Assessment to establish likelihood of success in specific roles and positions

The multi-dimensional assessment solution allowed Axis Bank to roll out the same evaluation process in 33 different locations at the same time and in the span of just ten days.

The Results

With SHL’s Smart Interview On Demand and talent assessments, Axis Bank:

Streamlined the Young Bankers evaluation process

Axis Bank conducted 22,356 hours of online assessments and 10,733 hours of Video Interviewing in just ten working days.

Decreased costs

Using Video Interview optimized the hiring process, saving both time and resources, without sacrificing quality of candidates.

Provided an engaging experience for every candidate

89% of ABYB candidates rated the hiring process as excellent; even of those who were not selected.

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