Hackathons that Reveal Talent and Innovation

Use virtual hackathons to create targeted technical recruiting programs or identify hidden technical talent and innovations inside your company.

Attract Technical Talent

Promote hackathons to candidates anywhere. Shortlist candidates consistently and fairly using automatically scored and proctored assessments.

Attract Technical Talent

Engage and Innovate

Source innovations in open-ended projects and solve big business challenges.

Engage and Innovate

Internal Technical Talent Review and Mobility

Propel your business forward by delivering technical assessments for current team members to find where technical skills exist and where they can be developed.

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Internal Technical Talent Review and Mobility
Attract Technical Talent
Engage and Innovate
Internal Technical Talent Review and Mobility

Why Hackathons Are Critical for Securing Top Talent

Unlock opportunities to secure top talent externally and from within your organization.


A Complete Hackathon Solution 

Attract and select talent, celebrate new innovations, all while increasing exposure for your engineering employer brand.


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Landing Page

Customize landing pages for each virtual hackathon with the support of the SHL team.

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Real-time Participant Leaderboard

A public real-time leaderboard reveals participants’ performance on hard skills assessments and open-ended projects in each round.

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Technical Interviews with Panels, Hiring Managers, or Judges

Invite participants to technical interviews using Smart Interview Live Coding with 50+ languages, integrated development environment, interactive whiteboards, and evaluator collaboration. 

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Manage Hackathon Workflows

Create multi-stage virtual hackathons using our coding simulations, soft skills assessments, project-based assessments, and technical interviewing solution. Evaluate and move participants to the next stage, faster.

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Analyze Hackathon Progress

Track participant sign ups, completions, and scores as your online hackathon progresses.

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Technical Support

Candidates and recruiters have access to SHL’s support team throughout the duration of the hackathon.

Launch hackathons that reveal the talent and innovations you need to propel your business forward.

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