General Entry Level - All Industries 7.1 Solution


Our General Entry Level – All Industries 7.1 solution is designed for entry-level positions across industries. This solution predicts the following types of behaviors foundational to all jobs: being on-time to work; following rules and policies; treating others respectfully; producing quality work; meeting goals; and effectively working alongside others. Solution can be used across all industries with entry-level positions. Example titles include, but are not limited to: Administrator, Clerk, Veterinary Assistant, Stocker, Dish Washer, Office Coordinator, Tour Guide, Cook, Assistant, Housekeeper, Waste Collector.
“MCP Product: please note that you will need to select the correct package depending on which norm you intend to use. The package available for this product is Americas and International."

Job levels



German, Norwegian, Finnish, French (Canada), Portuguese (Brazil), Latin American Spanish, English (USA), English International, Danish, Swedish, French, Italian

Assessment length

Approximate Completion Time in minutes = 19

Test Type: B

Remote Testing:

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  • A Ability & Aptitude
  • B Biodata & Situational Judgement
  • C Competencies
  • D Development & 360
  • E Assessment Exercises
  • K Knowledge & Skills
  • P Personality & Behavior
  • S Simulations