Virtual Advanced User OPQ Training - 2:00 pm - 4:30 pm EST


Course Details

What is the OPQ and how to apply its reports across use cases.
How to interpret and provide feedback on OPQ Profile Report.
How to integrate results from OPQ to support decision-making.

Suitable for:

HR professionals and managers with a moderate to strong background in assessments, potentially certified in other personality assessments, or individuals with a Master’s degree or higher in Psychology. This training is suitable for organizations who wish to interpret OPQ reports themselves to allow self-sufficiency in the entire assessment process. Once an organization has an employee trained at this level, other staff can undertake a lower (and more cost-effective) level of training to administer assessments and have the fully trained user interpret the results.

  • Start Date: Oct 15, 2024

  • End Date: Oct 17, 2024

  • Location: Online, USA

  • Price: USD 1750

  • Type: Personality

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