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Ideal for HR professionals and line managers who act as assessors or observers, this course provides practical and comprehensive training in the assessment of a range of simulation exercises— including role play, group and in-tray — and develops skills that are applicable to a wide range of exercises and competencies. The course focuses on the practical application of the assessment centre methodology, with practical exposure to observing and scoring assessment centres, as well as how to use the information in talent decisions.


What are the benefits for you


We help you enable your talent for business success by better understanding and optimizing the link between competencies, potential and performance:

* Performance results - Understanding great performance and who achieves it  

*Competencies - Identifying the behaviour, knowledge and who achieves it. 

*Potential - Predicting performance by measuring the capability and motivation of individuals.


What value will it bring to your business


* Improve hiring decisions, reduce recruitment costs and attrition.   

* Improve personal development and decisions regarding succession, improving engagement and productivity. 

* Achieve more succession, improving engagement and productivity 

* Achieve more successful reorganization and restructuring 

* Achieve greater alignment of people with strategy and maximize competitive advantage 

* Enable more precise talent management to drive business performance


Minimum requirements for attending:


Grade 12/ Matric


  • Start Date: Sep 2, 2024

  • End Date: Sep 3, 2024

  • Location: Online, United Arab Emirates

  • Price: USD 1203

  • Type: Recruitment & Assessment

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