Virtual Personality & Ability Assessment - Practitioner (4 sessions plus feedback practical)

Personality & Ability

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Research consistently shows that psychometrics, both personality questionnaires and cognitive ability tests, are used by the majority of organisations. In these organisations assessments are typically employed for the purpose of external or internal hiring, though an increasing number of organisations are making use of assessments for the purpose of leadership development, training, career development, restructuring and change management.  Furthermore, the end user of psychometrics is changing, moving from technical experts to line managers. Experienced line managers and specialists make use of the assessment results for a range of applications, often beyond the assessments initial purpose. The Occupational Assessment (Practitioner) course offers delegates not registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa an opportunity to understand the application of occupational assessments, interpret and work with a range of interpreted reports, and explore how to use the information from psychometrics across multiple talent applications.  

Delegates will learn through

  • Practical simulation and exercises
  • Discussion and debate
  • Sharing experiences of working with assessments

All delegates will need to complete an additional day of facilitated support on completion of the face-to-face courses (within one month of course completion); the nature of this support will be tailored to the individual requirements of the delegate.

Who should attend?

Line managers, HR specialists, HR business partners, and assessment specialists (not registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa) who would like to make better use of psychometrics across the employee lifecycle.

This course is also suitable for people who have little or no experience working with psychometric assessments, and are likely to use assessments results in multiple applications.

Why should you attend?

After attending this course delegates will have:

  • Reviewed and enhanced their existing psychometric assessment skills
  • Benefit from additional support to assist you in embedding skills and experience gained during the course
  • Identified the strengths and limitations of psychometric assessments
  • Explored how psychometric assessments can be used in multiple applications
  • Practiced interpreting psychometric assessment reports and using these to provide feedback
  • Developed key theoretical knowledge important for understanding and implementing psychometric assessment in the workplace


  • Make objective talent decisions
  • Critically interpret assessment reports
  • Use psychometric reports for multiple applications

Occupational assessment applications

Psychometric assessments have a broad range of applications, including (but not limited to):

  • Making more objective and effective selection decisions
  • Collecting information to inform development plans
  • Identifying high potential employees
  • Understanding team dynamics and interactions
  • Informing leadership and career development
  • Supporting performance management
  • Providing information on change readiness
  • Supporting workforce, succession and strategy planning
  • Driving  employee engagement and retention

Minimum requirements for attending:

Grade 12/ Matric


2-day virtual online training (4 sessions plus feedback practical to be conducted over the 2 days)
Session 1: Introduction to Assessments and Competencies
Session 2: Using Ability Tests
Session 3: Introduction to the OPQ
Session 4: Feedback on the OPQ
Session 5: Feedback Practical


  • Start Date: Jul 16, 2024

  • End Date: Jul 17, 2024

  • Location: Online, South Africa

  • Price: ZAR 17269

  • Type: Personality & Ability

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