Less than one third of leaders are equipped to meet the future needs of the organization.

Are Your Leaders Driving "One-Company" Results?

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eye level view of bearded man in smart clothes smiling at laptop in an office

A New Approach

Our research identified a new model for leadership success. Leaders who not only meet their individual and team goals, but who also leverage networks to take an organization-wide perspective, increase revenue growth by up to 12%.

four people in causal clothing at a table in an office looking at a laptop

Enterprise Leaders Close Organizational Gaps

Achieving wider company success relies heavily on the collaboration of its leaders. Successful businesses have leaders that ensure activities, talent, and goals are synergized. Resources should be strategically aligned, cross-functional coordination needs to be prioritised, and talent should be viewed as a corporate asset.

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Enterprise Leaders Drive Strong Outcomes

Closer collaboration and synergy between leaders drive real business results. For example, aligned leaders are 68% more innovative, 35% more engaged, 21% more adaptable, and deliver 20% higher customer satisfaction.

SHL Review

The Whole Business Benefits from Leader Success

Are your leaders great at executing within a narrow scope of control, but missing the bigger picture? The best leaders break down collaboration barriers and empower teams. However, most organizations fail to assess, develop, or reward network capabilities and behaviors. SHL’s Review solution supports organizations to redefine leadership, focusing on the leader behaviors with proven return on investment.

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Our Enterprise Leadership Solution

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Assess your individual leaders to determine their enterprise leadership capabilities.

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Use Best Practice

Apply best practices to your own organization.

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Internal benchmark

Gain insight into the strength of leadership across your organization.

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External benchmark

Compare results to industry, geography, and leadership segment benchmarks.

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Equip leaders with the framework and tools to shift leader and team behavior toward networked performance.

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Help leaders make better use of time, execute decisions strategically, and leverage others more effectively.

Maximize Your People’s Potential

Bring wisdom to people decisions with real-time objective insights to review, mobilize, and develop your talent.

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