THAMES DITTON, Washington D.C., April 11, 2019 – Celebrating its first anniversary as an independent company, SHL launched ‘SHL Verify Interactive’ – an innovative, new suite of cognitive ability assessments – at the 34th Annual Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) Conference outside Washington, D.C.

SHL Verify Interactive helps businesses predict workplace performance for graduate, professional and manager hires with assessments that reflect real-world corporate challenges. Candidates can take the tests anytime, anywhere, on any device, with business-relevant questions and content that are designed to provide them with the best opportunity to showcase their skills.

“SHL is dedicated to providing deep people insight through science, technology and data. SHL Verify Interactive represents the best of our innovative thinking – bringing the science and rigor that I-O practitioners and clients demand into a mobile-first candidate user experience that is second-to-none,” said SHL Chief Executive Officer Andy Bradshaw. “We’re focused on building technology around the client’s needs and the user experience and this is a prime example.”

SHL, the global leader in talent innovation, was relaunched one year ago with the backing of Exponent Private Equity, one of the UK’s largest private equity firms.  During its first year as an independent company, SHL has focused on driving science-based innovation to help organizations anticipate and solve for their most critical people challenges.

In addition to the launch of SHL Verify Interactive, SHL scientists led or participated in an unprecedented 29 sessions at SIOP, reflecting SHL’s on-going commitment to advancing the field of I-O psychology. In addition, SHL’s Principal Research Scientist Jeff Johnson won the first-ever Scientist-Practitioner Presidential Recognition award, recognizing his contributions to the combined science and practice of I-O [Industrial-Organizational] psychology.

“I can think of no greater acknowledgment of the innovation and value of the science that underpins SHL’s talent solutions than this award for Jeff,” said Ken Lahti, Chief Science and Innovation Officer at SHL. “It’s also a great way to celebrate SHL’s first anniversary as an independent company.”

Learn more about SHL Verify Interactive or SHL’s other leading assessment solutions.

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