LONDON, January 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ – SHL, the world’s leading talent innovation company, received high praise for its translation technology and advanced localization at this year’s Europe-Association of Test Publishers (E-ATP) conference in Madrid. SHL’s research and localization consultants met with industry peers to present on the company’s culture-first approach to assessment development and localization, including how SHL utilizes the latest advancements in translation artificial intelligence to boost expertise and world-class approach.

“SHL has set up an in-house test localization initiative with a strong focus on source translatability,” said Steve Dept, Founding Partner of cApStAn, a linguistic quality control agency specializing in assessment translations. “This awareness is often missing in testing organizations that go multilingual. Congratulations for giving so much attention to test localization and source optimization – this is truly a commendable effort.”

Conference attendees emphasized the uniqueness of SHL’s global appeal. While many assessment providers realize the importance of offering assessments that perform in an equivalent manner across multiple languages, few are able to deliver the systematic product development and localization processes on the same scale as SHL.

“Employers in over 60 countries rely on SHL tools to help make their people decisions, and they trust that the research-based insights that SHL provides are still meaningful in their culture and in their language,” says Dr. Ken Lahti, SHL’s Chief Science and Innovation Officer. “It’s great to be able to share SHL’s standards and practices with the global professional community at events like E-ATP, and we are grateful to receive such positive feedback. SHL invests in industry-leading localization capabilities because higher-quality helps our customers win.”

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