LONDON, Oct 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/- SHL, the leader in people science and technology, announced the launch of its revolutionary SHL Video Feedback. The first of its kind, this hiring tool provides automated and personalized feedback for every candidate in the recruitment process.

Communication and feedback play a vital role in creating exceptional candidate experiences and memorable employer branding. With SHL’s Video Feedback companies can create brand advocates even among candidates who were not hired. Additionally, automated feedback empowers your recruiters to deliver actionable, strength-based insights to every candidate, even at scale.

“The time and emotional effort of job searching can be incredibly taxing for candidates. Many become frustrated when they do not get any value for their efforts. At the same time, it’s difficult for recruiters to provide a white glove experience to hundreds, or even thousands of candidates.”, said Sam Whiteman, Head of Solutions at SHL. “With SHL’s Video Feedback, integrated with all our Talent Acquisition solutions, we are able to provide instant, interactive and thorough communication and feedback to delight your candidates.”

SHL Video Feedback helps maintain a strong reputation within the talent pool. Rejected candidates are often either future recruits or future customers. Personalized feedback not only adds value to the candidate’s experience but also elevates the brand’s identity as a people-focused organization.

With this, you can add value to the professional lives of every candidate that interacts with your brand. Our technology provides automated, scalable and personalized video feedback to thousands of candidates anytime, anywhere.

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