Client Success Story

Telecom technology giant reduces time to hire quality software engineers by 70%

Technology Hiring Solution

Industry: Technology

Size: 34,000+

Region: China

45% reduction in hiring cost

40% improvement in interview-to-hire ratio

70% faster selection process

A multinational telecommunications equipment and systems company headquartered in Shenzhen. One of China’s leading telecom equipment manufacturers.

The Challenge

Our client, a multinational telecommunications company based in China, was using paper assessments to evaluate their software engineering job applicants. This made their recruitment process inefficient, expensive and led to candidates regularly dropping out of the recruitment funnel.

They required a solution that:

  • increased the speed of the hiring cycle and put results in the hands of HR faster
  • more accurately assessed software engineer on-the-job potential
  • reduced long candidate wait-times and improved conversion rates

Automation and candidate experience were clear areas for improvement.

The Solution

Our client needed to immediately migrate their analog assessment process to digital. Aspiring Minds, an SHL company, quickly deployed a tech hiring solution that:

  • comprehensively evaluated programming knowledge with powerful IDE-based simulations and a wide range of online technical skill tests
  • engaged candidates with a superior assessment experience that could be accessed anywhere, anytime and on any device
  • provided reliable, secure results with auto-proctoring and plagiarism checks

92% of candidates have multiple offers on the table. How is your tech hiring process helping you stand out?

The Results

Using AI-powered technology solution, our technology client made a seamless switch to digital recruiting and drove real outcomes for their business.

Faster hiring decisions

The automation of assessments and seamless integration with the company’s ATS reduced candidate evaluation time by a massive 70%.

Greater candidate conversion

As higher-quality talent was faster and more accurately identified, our client recorded a significant 40% increase in their interview-to-hire ratio.

More efficient recruiting

By migrating to digital assessment, their previously heavy offline assessment expenses were decreased by over 45%. Less time and money spent on travel, more invested in hiring success.

Leading the way in talent innovation

SHL’s technology hiring solutions boost tech recruitment by automating the assessment process with AI and delighting candidates and hiring managers every step of the way.

Attract candidates with a remote, immersive coding experience and significantly increase speed to hire.