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  • Industry: techology
  • Size: 1 million +
  • Region: global

The Challenge

When programming is at the heart of your business, you need the best tech talent. The customer is one of the world’s most recognizable and rapidly growing brands, so each new job opportunity receives thousands of applications. The sheer volume makes it difficult to quickly identify the best candidates.

Their existing process provided limited insights into candidate’s coding skills and the traditional assessment approach was shrinking their talent pool by screening out good candidates. They required a solution that went beyond the usual parameters of writing 100% accurate code, education, and work history to spot the best tech talent early in the process while saving time and money.



  • How the world’s largest technology company built a fair and efficient talent evaluation process for software engineers using SHL’s Technology Hiring solution


Supporting 300,000+ applicant evaluations annually, across US, India, South Africa, Poland.


SHL accelerates hiring of higher-quality candidates, reducing time to hire by 60%, and increasing efficiency for global organizations.


Reached and processed 4x more candidates, extending and improving the talent pool.

The Solution

This organization sought a vendor with a wide range of highly validated, scientific assessments to fairly assess candidates across experience levels. They wanted a solution that gave them access to a wider pool of talent and the confidence that their selection process was fair and accurate. SHL’s unrivaled portfolio of highly validated coding and cognitive skills assessments met their stringent criteria.

SHL’s AI-powered Coding Simulations go beyond the traditional parameters to assess applicants on logical correctness and quality of code, broadening the pool and identifying additional good coders. Multiple variants of Coding Simulations allow recruiters to assess candidates across roles and experience levels. Strong anti-cheating technology and a rigorous process to control the leakage of questions offers the perfect solution to maintain the integrity of the process.

Above all, the organization was drawn by the commitment, flexibility, and agility of the SHL team to ensure smooth implementation, adoption, and ongoing management of the solution.

A hurdle-based approach was implemented to shortlist the best candidates by first evaluating their cognitive ability using an adaptive skills assessment, and their fundamental coding skills using the Fix variant of our Coding Simulations. Only the best developers were progressed to the next stage of the process. Shortlisted candidates automatically moved to Hurdle 2 where their coding skills were further evaluated using AI-powered Coding Simulations. With deep insights into the candidate’s coding ability, we ensured the client did not screen out good developers by only looking at traditional parameters of code compilation and test cases passed.

Our in-house team of experts worked closely with the client’s team to develop custom questions. We deployed strong AI-powered anti-cheating technology with plagiarism checks, ID card verification, periodic snapshots, browser toggles, latency checks, and more. By regularly monitoring the question bank, we protected against leakage of questions.

The customer received SHL’s world-class 24 X 7 support for both candidates and recruiters over chat and email. With a practice site for candidates, we helped the client deliver a great experience and leave a lasting impression of their brand.



The Results 

SHL has had a strong partnership with the client for almost a decade thanks to our continued commitment to evolving with their changing needs. We are their trusted assessment vendor for campus and internship recruiting, as well as experienced hiring. Our solution is used globally across the US, India, South Africa, and Poland. We also support their non-tech hiring programs for roles like Data Associate and Transcription. In total SHL empowers them to evaluate over 300,000 applicants annually.

  • Higher quality tech talent discovered.
    The client confirmed that the Coding Simulations resulted in a substantial improvement in the quality of the candidates they hired.
  • Recruiting efficiency increased.
    A 60% reduction in time to hire was achieved due to the higher quality of shortlisted candidates, resulting in a reduced interviewing effort.
  • Enhanced reach to build a highly diverse engineering team.
    The hiring team was able to reach and process four times more candidates than in the past, hitting the goal of extending the candidate group and creating a truly diverse and inclusive talent pool.



  • A Candid Reality Check Driving More Focused Investment.




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