Delivering Actionable Talent Insight to Support Smart People Decisions

SHL assessments integrate seamlessly with ADP’s all in one recruiting automation platform, ADP® Recruiting Management to supporting the entire talent acquisition lifecycle and incorporates built-in social and mobile tools to help cultivate the best possible candidates — wherever they are.


Integrating talent assessments with your ATS:

  • Reduces costs and HR time by up to 60% through process automation
  • Increases objectivity through valid, unbiased and job relevant assessment
  • Maximises the quality of hires to reduce wasted attraction spend and improve ROI
  • Improves brand appeal through a streamlined candidate experience

Features of integration

  • Real-time objective job fit scores and one –click reports
  • Tailored candidate experience and flexible hiring process workflows
  • Unified view of talent within a common platform.
  • Flexible and easy to use reporting and analytics capabilities
  • Mobile device compatible

Example of Integration

  • adp-candidate-view-01
    Candidate View – Take Assessment
  • adp-candidate-view-02
    Candidate View – Take Assessment
  • adp-recruiter-view-01
    Recruiter View – Candidate’s Assessment Results
  • adp-recruiter-view-02
    Recruiter View – Candidate’s Assessment Results

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