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SHL’s Mobilize Transforms Talent Mobility Forever with the Power of Context

The solution provides more accurate, contextual insights to help organizations make the best talent mobility decisions—one of which is leadership mobility.

LONDON, April 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ – SHL, the global leader in people science and people answers, has transformed talent mobility forever with its Mobilize Solution, increasing the accuracy of talent mobility decisions with the unique and transformational Power of Context. One of the Solution’s offerings is leadership mobility support.

With context, organizations are 4x more likely to make the right leadership mobility decisions, including High Potentials, Strategic Alignment, Succession Planning, and Mergers & Acquisitions—all leadership mobility answers from one solution.

Read our latest Mobilize whitepaper for more information about the science behind it.

From digitalization to the surge of diversity and inclusion efforts, the world has changed dramatically over the past few years. According to the Gartner 2020 HR Priorities Survey, 90% of employees need to learn new skills within their current roles; new roles are being created in 83% of businesses; and 44% of organizations are restructuring. This means that talent mobility is a must-have business strategy, and the key to staying agile and relevant in this transformational era.

“Mobilizing leaders is not a straightforward matter. It involves understanding what is immediately required, what are the long-term business needs, the gap, and how quickly that gap must be addressed,” said Teri Ellison, SHL’s Chief Human Resources Officer. “Identifying leadership potential, the future skills and capabilities of leaders, and building development programs that ensure their mobility can all be achieved but requires focus. Without the right insights in a single platform, leadership mobility can be costly, slow, and often leads to wrong decisions.”

SHL’s Mobilize Solution is also agile and adapts to context quickly. Organizations can thus simply swap, add, or remove context to seamlessly gain powerful insights.

To learn more about SHL’s Mobilize solution, visit our site here.


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