Get precision insights with SHL leadership solutions

The world of leadership has changed—more demands, more diversity, more dotted-line reporting.  Yet few organizations have updated their talent strategies to keep pace. 

SHL leadership solutions combine science and deep research to highlight your best leadership candidates and provide a flexible framework to develop them to their full potential—maximizing business results.

Identify and Develop High-Potential Talent—Faster and More Accurately

In today’s business environment, competition for top talent is fierce. To secure your firms future success, you need to reassess your approach to high potentials.  With SHL’s High-Potential Solution you can boost the performance of critical talent and realize the promise in your next leaders.  The SHL High-Potential Solution helps you:

  • Confidently and objectively identify high potentials
  • Accelerate development for emerging talent through targeted learning in a real-world context
  • Enhance the ROI of your high-potential initiatives
Source: SHL Model of High-Potential
Source: SHL Model of High-Potential

46% of leaders moving into new roles fail to meet objectives.

Make Sharper and More Confident Decisions About Leadership Succession and Placement

Supported by the most  comprehensive leadership study of this century, SHL’s innovative Leader Edge Solution objectively measures a leader’s attributes and experiences in the context of strategic challenges that the leader will face in role. This innovative new approach enables to you to predict, with up to 3x more certainty whether your leaders will succeed (or struggle) by leveraging research-based, context-specific leadership profiles. The SHL Leader Edge Solution supports agile leadership talent processes by helping you:

  • Develop and prepare leaders for changing  roles and business needs
  • Place leaders based on fit to context
  • Accelerate time to performance for transitioning leaders
  • Make lower risk succession management decisions

Be Confident Your Talent Will Rise to the Challenge

As business strategy changes, talent requirements have to flex. SHL’s Talent Audit Solution™ combines scalable objective assessment with external benchmarking data to swiftly identify talent strengths, gaps and priority actions at both individual and organizational levels. SHL Talent Audit helps you:

  • Understand talent strengths and development needs within the context of your business strategy
  • Map your talent across the business—by function, level, and team
  • Make effective and targeted use of limited development budget

Today’s leaner organizations are keenly focused on performance, constantly striving to do more with less.

4 in 5 employees are ineffective learners.

Improve Learning and Drive Productivity with Scalable Development Plans

SHL Development Coach, our cloud-based application, harnesses the power of experiential learning by providing the structure and support needed for employees to engage in effective, job-relevant learning. SHL Development Coach helps you:

  • Provide learning activities that target each individual’s unique development needs
  • Deliver a consistent learning experience to employees globally
  • Support managers in developing their teams by providing easy-to-use tools and activities
  • Achieve up to three times the impact on performance for a fraction of the cost of tradition training

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Source: SHL and Gartner research.