SHL Lead Get precision insights with the SHL Lead family of technologies

The world of leadership has changed – more demands, more diversity, more dotted-line reporting.  Yet few organizations have updated their talent strategies to keep pace. 

SHL Lead solutions combine science and deep research to highlight your best leadership candidates and provide a flexible framework to develop them to their potential.

Identify high-potential talent – faster and more accurately

At a time when HIPO employees are in an environment with fierce competition for top talent, it’s time to reassess traditional approaches of managing them.  By focusing on what research shows as the critical factors for success, our High potential solution helps you:

  • Identify high potentials with confidence, select people twice as likely to be promoted or to perform exceptionally
  • Objective understanding of leadership bench capabilities that boost performance and retention.
  • Reduce development and preselection costs by 50% with intentional and tailored development spend

Develop high potentials – place the right leaders in the right roles

Compared to using a general competency model to predict leader success, the organizations that pinpoint the specific leader capabilities see dramatic improvements – up to 300 percent more accurate decisions.

SHL assessment solutions and analytic insights enable organizations to make accurate leadership decisions through ability, personality and behavior for development and succession planning.

SHL Leader Edge

With SHL Leader Edge, a framework tested and proven across a variety of work situations, organizations can enhance their leadership potential by moving:

  • From one-size-fits-all leadership models to context-specific leadership profiles
  • From static leadership programs to agile leadership processes
  • From decisions based on intuition and experience to decisions based on data-driven intelligence

Have the right talent where and when you need it

Job performance is typically a hindsight measure that doesn’t have the depth and insight to drive forward-looking success.  In contrast, Talent Audit helps shape more sustainable business outcomes.  It swiftly identifies strengths, gaps and themes at an individual and organizational level – and guides the way to talent and productivity.

Unlike other solutions, Talent Audit uses:

  • A unique and proven framework to predict success in changing business strategies
  • External benchmarks to show how your talent compares across industry or geography

Improve learning and drive productivity with a comprehensive leadership development plan

On-the-job learning through Development Coach closes the gap between potential and performance.  Backed by decades of data on development program, this solution:

  • Supports managers in targeted recommendations for development activities and feedback
  • Saves time and resources by learning through work instead of outside of work.
  • Minimizes risk by supporting both performance and learning

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