enterprise leadership

Enterprise Leadership

Develop Your Leaders to Drive Stronger Results

What Do Today's Most Successful Leaders Look Like?

Leaders are navigating increasingly complex organizations and expectations are higher than ever. Many leaders focus narrowly on their individual performance and span of control. But leaders with the most impact aren’t just solid individual performers, they take a broader view to deliver stronger business performance as a collective. We call this Enterprise Leadership.

1/4 of HR budget is spent on leadership initiatives.

Less than 1/3 of leaders are equipped to meet the future needs of the organization.

Leadership Needs to Change to Drive Faster Results

leader placement

Are Your Leaders Driving "One-Company" Results?

It’s time for a new and adaptive approach to leadership that reflects the new working world of constant change. Our latest research identifies a new model for leadership success. Leaders who not only meet their individual and team goals, but who also leverage networks to take an organization-wide perspective, increase revenue growth by up to 12%.

Enterprise Leaders Close Organizational Gaps

Organization WITHOUT Enterprise Leaders
Organization WITH Enterprise Leaders

Conflicting Strategies

Strategic Planning

Connected Strategies

Cross-Functional Projects Deprioritized

Strategic Execution

Cross-Functional Coordination Prioritized

Competition for Resources

Resource Allocation

Strategic Alignment of Resources

Talent Hoarding

Talent Planning

Talent Viewed as Corporate Asset

Enterprise Leaders Drive Strong Outcomes Enterprise Leaders’ teams are…

…more innovative…

…more engaged…

…more adaptable…

…and drive higher customer satisfaction.

Drive Whole-Company Results from Individual Leader Success

Are your leaders great at executing within a narrow scope of control, but missing the bigger picture? The best leaders break down collaboration barriers and empower teams.

However, most organizations fail to assess, develop, or reward network capabilities and behaviors. Enterprise Leadership solution helps organizations redefine leadership, focusing on the leader behaviors with proven return on investment.

2/3 of leaders do not leverage and contribute to the work of other teams.

Our Enterprise Leadership solution enables you to:

Assess your individual leaders to determine their enterprise leadership capabilities
Gain insight into the strength of leadership across your organization
Equip leaders with the framework and tools to shift leader and team behavior toward networked performance
Apply best practices to your own organization
Compare results to industry, geography, and leadership segment benchmarks
Help leaders make better use of time, execute decisions strategically, and leverage others more effectively

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Source: SHL and Gartner research.