Talent Management: Mobilize

SHL Talent Management: Mobilize

Mobilize Your Workforce With Unrivaled Predictive Power

It is difficult for HR to keep up with our constantly changing world.  When change occurs or opportunities are created, you need to quickly mobilize the right talent to ensure the organization’s needs are met. But identifying the best-fit people can often take too much time and yield poor results, damaging HR’s reputation.

SHL’s end-to-end talent insights platform gives you the power to instantly and accurately identify the best-fit internal resources, as needs, challenges, and goals continually change.

43% of CEOs said that poor talent management has kept them from meeting their targets

Talent Management: Mobilize

Questions Answered in Real-Time

SHL’s Mobilize solution delivers unbiased and predictive talent insight to answer all of your people questions, unlocking the potential of the entire organization. It helps align leadership and remove unconscious bias to build more diverse, productive, and connected workplaces.

We empower you to make science backed and data supported people recommendations and decisions, at any time, as needs change.

Predict Leader Success With 3x The Accuracy

Backed by unrivaled data and rigorous science, global services and technology, SHL gives you a unique holistic view of your workforce potential with 3x the predictive accuracy of any other solution.

Your employees are provided with the personalized insight that they need to thrive, manage their development, and control their own career paths.

Talent Management: Mobilize

Driving Real Business Outcomes

Increase Engagement & Retention

Increase Engagement & Retention

High-fit leaders have 82% higher work engagement than low-fit leaders
Improve Diversity & Inclusion

Improve Diversity & Inclusion

58% of high-fit candidates for critical leadership roles are women

Boost Efficiency & Cut Costs

Boost Efficiency & Cut Costs

Potential savings of 50% in hiring costs by expanding your candidate pool to include hidden internal talent

Deliver Results by Choosing the Best

Deliver Results by Choosing the Best

High-fit candidates are 4x more likely to be top performers than low-fit candidates

Source: SHL and Gartner Leadership Validation Study

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