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Unlock Gen-Z’s Diverse Potential With Meaningful Graduate Recruitment

Gen-Z’s graduates expect a meaningful recruitment experience that offers deep insight into employer culture and tangible value for every candidate. Their engagement is crucial to unlocking their full potential and cognitive diversity.

SHL’s Graduate solution does just that by transforming your college hiring program into a powerful, meaningful journey packed with outstanding experiences, virtual tools, and unrivaled science that aligns them to the challenges your business faces today.

136% retail growth was experienced by Gucci when a shadow group of its younger workforce was formed to feed the marketing and strategic decisions.

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Empower Every Graduate to Be Their Best with a Meaningful Recruitment Journey

Put graduates in control from the start with an engaging virtual graduate hiring experience that immerses them in your business. Kick things off with a warm welcome from your team, share realistic job previews and then provide your candidates with the fairest virtual assessments to showcase their best.

The interactive, end-to-end, and consistent experience delights every graduate to choose you.

Download the 2021 Graduate Recruitment Guide to turn your graduate recruitment program into a meaningful journey that will maximize the success of your graduate program.

Stand Out by Sharing Personalized Feedback with Every Graduate

SHL Video Feedback offers first of its kind, personalized feedback to every candidate on their strengths in an engaging, branded film.

A scalable, automated way of providing graduates with personal insights that leaves a positive and lasting perception of your brand.

SHL Experiences
SHL Experiences

Virtually Meet More Graduates than Ever before – with No Extra Effort

With SHL’s Smart Interview technology and Virtual Assessment Centers, you can meet and assess graduates wherever they are located – and you can do it in just minutes.

Objectively discover graduate’s potential, fit, and readiness for your business with our unrivaled portfolio of assessment products.

We have the deepest understanding of what makes graduates a success and our assessments are built with utmost rigor and validity.

Unlock the Diverse Potential of Gen-Z Graduates with Our Unrivalled Science

SHL’s unique contextual science identifies graduates with the capability and cognitive diversity to succeed while setting them up for early success with actionable onboarding insights.

Find out how SHL can help you virtually delight and identify high-quality, diverse graduates that have the potential to thrive in your workplace.

Graduate Solution | Graduate Recruitment Made Easy

The Promise of Gen Z

Learn more about the capabilities of Gen-Z graduates from our study conducted with The Adecco Group – Aspiring Leaders: What Generation Z has to offer.

SHL Experiences

Actively Monitor and Benchmark Your Campus Hiring and Graduate Programs

Get fast, more actionable insights on scores, devices used, completion, drop-out rates, and more to consistently manage your graduate programs across geographies and hiring teams.

Gauge the quality of incoming graduates with benchmarks to plan their ongoing development.

When It Comes to Virtually Identifying and Delighting Top-Quality, Diverse Graduates, SHL Is the Trusted Provider

Maximize Diversity

Maximize Diversity

30% female graduates were hired by Bombardier – even with only one-fifth women applicants

Engage and Delight Your Candidates

Engage and Delight Your Candidates

88% of applicants would make our education client their top choice after using our solution

Drive Hiring Efficiencies

Drive Hiring Efficiencies

33% reduction in the time to hire was experienced by a global software client

Hire High-Performers

Hire High-Performers

Candidates who scored high on our assessments were 3x more likely to be rated “excellent” after six months in the role

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