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SHL Interview Expert

Improve Hiring Outcomes with Behavioral Interviews

Less than a third of interviewers ask candidates relevant, probing questions, squandering key opportunities to determine candidates’ potential for success. 

The best organizations know the value of structured, behavioral-based interviews to improving hiring outcomes, and they provide their managers with the tools and training they need to conduct them effectively.

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SHL Interview Expert

An online, self-paced training system, designed to coach hiring managers on best practice interview techniques.

  • Improve hiring outcomes by conducting structured interviews based on specific competencies required for success;
  • Minimize bias and select candidates consistently and objectively, in accordance with US anti-discrimination legislation;
  • Create a positive experience for all candidates and enhance your employer brand, regardless of the outcome.

SHL Interview Expert Resources

Interview Guide Builder

Enables users to build standard, behavior-based interview guides quickly and easily.

Interview Skills Coach

Covers behavior-based interviewing techniques to improve selection decisions.

Classroom Training

Provides attendees a chance to practice their interview skills in a safe environment.

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