As automation and AI continue to impact various industries, there is a growing need for individuals to acquire new skills to stay competitive and adapt to the changing job market.  This revolution emphasizes the importance of continuous learning and upskilling to thrive in the modern workforce.

Transforming into a skills-based organization involves shifting focus from traditional job roles to emphasizing the skills and capabilities of employees.  This approach recognizes that skills are more important than titles or roles and allows for a more agile and adaptable workforce. 

On June 4, 2024, SHL held an inspiring event with keynote speaker, Josh Bersin, where we explored innovative strategies and practical solutions to adapt to the evolving landscape of work.

Joining Josh on the stage was:

  • Johan Julin, Chief Hiring Officer at Los Angeles County Department of Human Resources
  • Tiffany Poeppelman, Director of Career Development at LinkedIn
  • Lucy Beaumont, Talent Management Solution Leader at SHL

This diverse panel of subject matter experts shared their experiences and insights at different stages of the skills journey.

Watch now to gain valuable learnings and tips from these experts as they discuss their own transformation into skills-based organizations.

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