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Managerial Hiring: The People Who Will Lead and Succeed

High-performing managers can boost employee performance by 26%.  But selecting them is no easy feat and more often than not leads to costly bad hires or negative promotions.

SHL helps you get managerial selection right by objectively assessing the potential of internal and external candidates and providing you with deep onboarding insight.

82% of organizations miss the mark on hiring high-quality managerial talent.

SHL Experiences

Streamline Selection of High-Quality Managers with Consistent, Scientific Tools

Candidates are more than their resumes.

Get deeper insight into individual managerial style and behavior with SHL’s unrivaled portfolio of assessment products, including virtual assessment centers and our Smart Interview technology.

We objectively evaluate applicants and employees with simple, automated tools that accurately identify talent across all levels, from mid-career and first-time managers to senior managers. 

Identify High-Performing Managers and Set Managers Up for Success from Day One

Share actionable insight into management competencies such as ‘maintaining good working relationships’ and ‘judgment’ with hiring managers.

Empower HR teams to set new managers up for instant success with detail on working preferences and areas for development.

Build individual and long-term macro-level insights on your manager population and lead the way with talent data. 

SHL Experiences
Managerial Recruitment Solution | Hiring Managers

Wow Your Candidates with Value-Driven Experiences

SHL’s experiences technology delivers a branded, immersive process that delight candidates right from the word go. And it seamlessly integrates with your ATS.

Differentiate your brand by sharing valuable feedback with all candidates. 

Select High-Performing Managers Who Deliver

Boost Diversity

Use objective data to identify more diverse managerial talent and uncover those hidden gems

Drive Efficiencies

Assess external as well as internal candidates rapidly, consistently at scale

Identify Top-Quality Managerial Talent

Discover candidates with the capability to effectively manage and lead you to success

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