KBC Bank is an international bank insurance company headquartered in Belgium serving 1.8 million customers with financial services. When deciding to review their talent acquisition strategy, KBC knew they wanted a digital-first approach while ensuring they had a great candidate experience with a human touch.

SHL was chosen as the preferred partner because of the unrivaled quality of their testing, their eagerness to work closely with KBC to understand their requirements, and their ability to combine a digital and human approach to hiring.

Together with SHL, KBC Bank analyzed their end-to-end talent acquisition process to identify areas that were inefficient and steps that could benefit from automation or digitization. SHL then helped to design a new process that met the three key KPIs that KBC wanted in their new solution:

  • Hiring Efficiency—KBC achieved a 50% reduction in the processing time of candidates due to the streamlined, digital assessments and insights that SHL could provide. This resulted in a 90% reduction in total costs for assessing candidates.
  • Candidate Experience—SHL’s solution delivered an excellent candidate experience that engaged candidates throughout the journey and enabled continuous feedback so KBC could proactively improve their candidate journey.
  • Quality of Hire—with the highest standards of testing offered by SHL, KBC Bank could ensure they were still attracting and hiring the best talent for their organization.

The success of the new process was not only seen by positive candidate feedback but also throughout the organization with those involved in the hiring process. Now, rather than just being reliant on a CV, stakeholders can see full assessment results for each candidate highlighting key areas and points of discussion to focus on in interviews, making them more relevant and engaging.

KBC Bank now has an inclusive talent acquisition strategy that minimizes bias, is diverse, and provides an excellent experience to the candidate, enabling them to stand out in a competitive market.

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