Coding Simulations | Coding Skills Assessment For Hiring

SHL Coding Simulations

The World’s Most Powerful Virtual Coding Simulations

SHL Coding Simulations is the best on the market to win your tech talent.

It is the first and only AI model to score incomplete code on logical correctness and quality in online coding simulations. Measure competency – don’t rule out candidates on 100% accuracy. Find tech talent across multiple roles, experience levels, and sectors.

Coding Simulations | Coding Skills Assessment For Hiring
  • Coding Simulations | Coding Skills Assessment For Hiring
  • Coding Simulations | Coding Skills Assessment For Hiring
  • Coding Simulations | Coding Skills Assessment For Hiring

An Immersive Experience with Online Coding Assessments

Coding simulation for 50+ languages
A real-world IDE, powered with IntelliSense, auto-save, custom test cases, on-the-fly language selection,  delivering an intuitive and engaging programming experience.

Uses AI to grade programs
Automatic evaluation of programming ability using AI algorithms to grade online coding tests.

Large, curated, and reliable question bank
Designed by in-house experts with flexibility to create a custom question bank to hire programmers, data scientists, software engineers, and more.

Comprehensive reporting
Detailed scorecard with objective and benchmarked scores, compilation statistics, test case details, proctoring, and more.

Hire the Best Coders Faster with AI-Powered Online Coding Tests

Shorten Time-to-Hire

Speed up assessment in minutes using 500+ coding problems and different variants. Shortlist faster with near real-time code analysis and detailed scorecard.

4x Reach Increase

Attract a higher volume of quality technology candidates from a larger talent pool, resulting in a more diverse range of candidates.

Identify 25% More Coders

AI grades reduce false rejects and increase pass rate of qualified talent pool by over 25%.


Reduce Hiring Costs up to 60%

Cut short hiring steps by replacing resume screening while ensuring you hire the best programmers. Reduce travel and operational hassle for recruiters.

Engaging Candidate Experience

Delight candidates every time with realistic coding simulation, 50+ programming languages, flexibility to switch between questions, and a shorter hiring cycle.

Application Developers
Full Stack Developers
Software Engineers
100+ Other Technical Roles
Data Scientists & Big Data Engineers
Database Engineers
SAP Developers
DevOps & Networking
Coding Simulations | Coding Skills Assessment For Hiring

Top of the Funnel Consideration

SHL Coding Simulation:

  • Grades programs that are partially correct
  • Grades programs that have minor errors and may not compile
  • Uses a scalable question-independent model
  • Supervised ML model to evaluate code’s logical correctness
  • Fixes minor errors and relaxes compilation rules
  • Uses distance from good set of codes to grade the code

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