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Introducing SHL Video Interview

Hire Top Candidates Faster

The candidate market is changing rapidly, making it more important than ever to attract and engage quality candidates while optimizing recruiter time.

SHL Video Interview helps by empowering candidates, streamlining the selection experience, and improving the quality of selection decisions.


Why SHL Video Interview?

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Enhance Experience

Engage candidates and reduce stress while giving them a chance to shine.


Increase Effectiveness

Consider more candidates and get deeper people insights from one solution partner.


Improve Efficiency

Automate a time-intensive process, reduce time to hire, and evaluate more consistently.

SHL Video Interview

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Key Features

Help Candidates Perform Well

  • Simple user interface with clear timers and video controls
  • Note-taking box means candidates can focus on the camera
  • Prevent distractions with Dark Mode (hides self-view)

Put Candidates in Control

  • Flexibility to record interview anytime, anywhere
  • Candidates control the order of interview questions
  • Allow candidates to re-record answers

Showcase Your Brand

  • Include multi-media content to welcome candidates
  • Reflect your logo and brand colors
  • Configure interview questions and hints

Our Approach


Make the right first impression and set clear expectations


Equip candidates with a realistic preview of the role


Measure what matters most to identify top candidates quickly and easily


Find best-fit candidates to drive business outcomes by evaluating more in less time

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