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How World-Class Science and AI Attracts and Converts the Best Tech Talent

SHL’s new Technology Hiring Solution creates an accurate picture of your candidate’s skill while providing a delightful candidate experience.

Recruiting for technologically skilled employees is not an easy game. The market is highly competitive with candidates holding multiple offers — making the hiring of a potential employee a race against time. It takes 50% more time to fill a position in technology, and a bad hire can cost your organization $33K!

Most would agree that the greatest challenge in tech hiring is to be able to accurately assess the candidate’s skills while simultaneously providing a positive, highly engaging experience.

And to add to the complexity… COVID has intensified these challenges exponentially by forcing all recruiting efforts to go remote!

With all this in mind, SHL has developed a suite of capabilities designed to address these challenges using a unique combination of rigorous science and AI-driven technology!

SHL’s Technology Hiring Solution can help recruiters effortlessly hire quality applicants remotely by automating the tech hiring process and offer a productive and enriching candidate experience. The solution provides valuable insights to facilitate data-driven hiring decisions, and reports with candidate rubrics that help quickly identify the best-fit candidates – reducing the time to hire significantly!

There are several features available in our new Technology Hiring Solution, including:

Coding simulations for a top-of-the-funnel screening to quickly evaluate a candidate’s coding abilities using 500+ coding problems in over 50 programming languages. These scenarios flex for different roles covering front-end, back-end, QA, DevOps, and Data Science roles, amongst others.

Our Technology Skills tests assess the depth of technology-specific skills and technical knowledge across legacy and emerging technologies.

The Live Coding Interviewing tool offers a voice and video interface, coding environment, interactive whiteboard, hint sharing, record and replay of interviews, candidate scorecard, and more.

Candidates are able to take the assessments anywhere and anytime! They can view photos, videos, or watch previous tech recruits share their own experience with the company helping them gain greater insights about the organization and the role. This helps them develop a stronger perception of the company, as well as their fit in the role.

SHL’s Technology Hiring Solution can help recruiters effortlessly hire quality applicants remotely by automating the tech hiring process.

The solution is embedded with strong auto-proctoring mechanisms like plagiarism check, off-focus control, no/multiple face detection, and periodic snapshots to ensure the high integrity and authenticity of the remote assessment.

And, finally, the solution provides rich AI-insights that help to make data-driven hiring decisions. While most simulations screen out a quarter of all applicants with inflexible scoring models, our AI scoring provides a comprehensive candidate view. Technical Recruiters and hiring managers have the ability to review submitted code to take the guesswork out of hiring the best tech talent.

The shift towards remote tech hiring has been on the rise over the past few years but the COVID-19 situation has accelerated that trend. Going forward, the talent market is going to be far more intense and organizations must be quick on their feet to bring the best talent on board. The Technology Hiring Solution, backed with SHL’s world-class science and AI, can ensure you stay among the leaders in the remote tech-hiring world.

Learn more about SHL’s Technology Hiring Solution.

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Sam Whiteman

Sam Whiteman is the Head of Strategic Initiatives at SHL. He has more than ten years in advising and building solutions for CHRO’s and their organizations.

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