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SHL Communities Stand Up Against Hunger

Fundraising has never tasted so good: SHL’s innovative approach to fighting global food poverty.

As we enter the last month of a year of great global change, we can look back and reflect on how we have been impacted, both professionally and personally. The journey has been long and hard. There have been some wins, such as remote working and more time with family, but it has largely been a challenging period. We may have struggled with homeschooling, we all have friends or relations who have been furloughed, or some have even lost their jobs. Very sadly some of us have lost loved ones to the pandemic.

Another major concern brought on from this pandemic is the growing numbers of people experiencing food insecurity:

According to Unicef, “Almost 690 million people around the world went hungry in 2019. While it is too early to assess the full impact of the lockdowns and other containment measures, at least another 83 million people, and possibly as many as 132 million, may go hungry in 2020”.

My colleagues and I are deeply concerned about this crisis, so we grouped together to stand up against hunger and raise money to help make a difference. SHL is a global team, and we saw a fantastic opportunity to create a cookbook with recipes from staff across the world – each cookbook sold will help to feed people experiencing food insecurity.

Our Objective

We want to raise awareness of the global food insecurity crisis, and the vital role that the organizations (see below) we support play in tackling this issue. By raising as much money as possible, we can impact the lives of many around the world with hope for their next meal.

What We’ve Done So Far

We’ve collected 90 recipes from our SHL colleagues around the world, and our virtual team is creating an e-cookbook collection of those recipes. We hope to sell our cookbook to raise as much money as possible – to benefit as many people as possible!

How You Can Get Involved

Help us promote our e-cookbook to your colleagues, family, and friends!

Who We’re Supporting

Thank you for your support!

"If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.”

– Mother Teresa

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Chervonne Claassen

Chervonne Claassen is an IT Quality Assurance Director within SHL's Team Digital division and has 9 years' experience in IT Quality Assurance. She is passionate about philanthropy and has a voluntary leadership role in the organization’s CSR and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives.

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