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How Talent Acquisition and Management Was Transformed

As Aspiring Minds joins up with SHL, the power of technology and science reveals the path for insightful and strategic people answers.

One of the most difficult years in recent history is finally behind us and thanks to the heroes of our global health care community there is hope on the horizon. But not everything in 2020 was terrible. It was also the year that SHL and Aspiring Minds began to integrate their technology, products, and science.

I had a front-row seat to the innovations that were made possible through this transformational partnership, and by the end of Q1 2021, we will see a fully merged – one SHL!

Aspiring Minds and SHL coming together has been the biggest event of the HR tech industry in a long time. Here’s what the industry and our customers would get as a result of us being one big unit, the AI-powered SHL, from 2021 on:

#1—Superior AI-Powered Talent Acquisition Solutions to Be Available across Geographies

Aspiring Minds’ world-dominant AI-powered pre-employment assessment solutions are now a part of SHL’s portfolio. As part of the new talent assessment offerings at SHL, these easy-to-deploy remote solutions, with rich question banks for more than 900 job roles, have already achieved a wide global reach. The assessments harness the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to offer instant unparalleled candidate insights to help recruiters make faster hiring decisions.

The pre-employment video assessment tools, Smart Interview Live and Smart Interview On-Demand screen candidates, scientifically identify the best talent, and simultaneously deliver an engaging experience to candidates, wherever they may be on the planet. They allow clients to virtually meet and offer a structured assessment process to the candidates using a vast repertoire of role-specific questions.

Coding Interview provides AI-assisted insights on candidates’ coding skills, with full interview record and replay. Together, these solutions bring automation and standardization to the entire “candidate assessment” cycle, capturing a plethora of authenticated, validated candidate data points.

These solutions bring automation and standardization to the entire “candidate assessment” cycle, capturing a plethora of authenticated, validated candidate data points.

#2—One Platform for All Your People Answers

With Aspiring Minds’ capabilities complementing the existing talent management solutions, SHL is now the world’s only company providing comprehensive next-gen talent acquisition and talent management tools with the latest cutting-edge technology and an experienced scientific approach to help you hire only the best and maximize the potential of your existing talent.

Leveraging the combination of psychometrics, data science, and machine learning, SHL offers a wholesome, immersive experience for you as well as your candidates across the complete employee life cycle. From finding new talent and managing teams, our teams of 300+ people scientists work tirelessly to ensure a frictionless experience for our clients, including turnkey integration with existing applicant tracking systems and dashboards that give real-time information to commence data-driven talent initiatives.

#3—Blending SHL and Aspiring Minds Values to Maximize the Potential of Your People

Both Aspiring Minds and SHL believe in the power of technology as well as data science in creating a diverse, agile and innovative workforce for our clients. We harness the strength of people-science that focuses more on talent rather than their credentials.

Our AI-powered solutions help you find the right person for the right job instead of merely matching qualifications with the role. For us, the candidate is more than the sum of their education and experience, and an employee is far more than a resource that contributes to the overall company.

We help you locate future leaders for your organization — people who have the best combination of the right skills, growth potential, and culture fit. SHL’s and Aspiring Mind’s combined values, now absorbed in one single SHL unit will help provide you with a people-first talent strategy that will go a long way in helping your organization grow and flourish.

SHL’s and Aspiring Mind’s combined values, now absorbed in one single SHL unit will help provide you with a people-first talent strategy.

#4—HR Insights from Around the Globe

Having one ear to the ground helps us track the newest developments on HR and technology frontiers. Frequently networking with other experts and clients in various industries, Aspiring Minds and SHL have cumulatively authored thousands of industry reports, white papers, case studies, blogs, and podcasts to provide thought-provoking insights on talent trends, the use of Artificial Intelligence in assessments, remote work trends, cultural insights, diversity, ethics and more. For us, the idea of being at the forefront of all talent best practices is to transfer these learnings to our clients and our talent community, so that what they get from us is cutting-edge, research-backed, industry-approved, insightful information on all things related to people management.

We have worked tirelessly with our colleagues and counterparts at SHL to combine the best of both worlds. Our suite of Talent Management and Talent Acquisition solutions is the product of two companies coming together remotely to provide the best-in-the-industry solutions for People Answers. SHL’s first-hand experience of creating innovations amid uncertainty reflects in the agility of the solutions and the solid commitment of our people to helping companies adapt to the ever-changing nature of the workplace.

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Niyaatii Swami

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