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How to Create Impactful Candidate Experiences

Learn how to transform today's challenges of virtual recruitment into real and meaningful experiences that are personalized for every applicant.

In the virtual recruitment world of today, candidates are missing out on the traditional experiences that would have been second nature throughout the hiring process. Simple opportunities such as meeting members of the team, seeing the office environment, and interpreting the culture firsthand are off the table in a socially distanced way of life.

So, how can companies stand out during the digital hiring process to thousands of applicants, while engaging with top talent and ensuring candidates become brand advocates along the way?

Impactful candidate experiences are vital to hiring. From my own recent experience of an entirely virtual recruitment process, here are my top 3 moments of impact that convinced me I was accepting the right offer for my next career step:

  1. Make hiring a conversation—by sharing authentic feedback from all tasks along the recruitment journey, I was able to understand how each stage of the process had gone. This is valuable from a development perspective, whether for this role or future applications. It also makes candidates feel their time has been well spent, regardless of the outcome.
  2. A video speaks a thousand words—reading about culture and company purpose is something a candidate generally does in their research before applying. Once in the process, it is key to have these Unique Selling Points brought to life in a memorable and impactful way by sharing authentic videos that showcase your values and the job role, ideally through the unique voice of your team. Being remote does not mean you cannot meet face to face!
  3. Keep the process engaging—and steer clear of traditional methods to determine candidate fit. Use technology at its best to understand the capability, skill set, experience, and personality of the individual. Each stage of the recruitment process should be engaging, and assessments should be work-related with mobile-ready tools that delight the applicant. You do not want top talent to become disengaged before they have even finished the recruitment process.

All very well for a single hire but engaging with every applicant takes a huge amount of time and resources.

With SHL Experiences, you can captivate candidates by creating real and meaningful experiences throughout the recruitment journey which showcase your culture, demonstrate your working environment, and utilize the voice of existing team members to provide an authentic insight to why you’re a great place to work.   

There is a 30% decrease in resentment when feedback is provided to candidates.

Wrap up the hiring process and minimize your time spent responding to large volumes of candidates by utilizing SHL’s innovative Video Feedback software which automates assessment feedback in a video that’s branded for your business and personalized for every applicant. Sharing tailored, meaningful feedback that can be used by shortlisted candidates as well as screened out applicants ensures you win over brand advocates no matter the outcome. 

These lasting impressions help candidates feel connected to your company before they have joined. Once they do have their foot in the virtual door, you can be sure that this brand advocate will soon become a loyal brand ambassador, as they already feel valued, happy, and motivated to perform the job at their best.

Adding dynamic on-brand experiences in a virtual recruitment process is imperative if you want to present a compelling impression of what it is like to work at your company. Revolutionize the way you recruit through the end of the pandemic and in a post-covid world alike. Companies that have not only survived but thrived during these challenging times are competing in a virtual world for talent attraction. Be ahead of the curve, stand out to your ideal candidates through impactful candidate experiences, and win top talent for your team today. 

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Danielle Fullick

Danielle Fullick is a Product Marketing Manager at SHL who recently joined the Thames Ditton team. She is an experienced marketer with over 8 years in professional service recruitment organizations, most recently specializing in employer branding. Her experience includes leading on value proposition development and articulating key messaging through written and creative marketing assets. Prior to SHL, Danielle led on international projects that focused on Talent Acquisition, including website redevelopment and online employer brand management.

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