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Effective Utilization of Talent Data: A Pathway to Integrated Talent Management

We have seen significant technological advancements within the HR Tech domain over the last few months. In this blog, we share why understanding your talent insights maturity level can help get the most from your people data today and effectively level up in the future.

Things Are Heating Up, Especially Within HR Tech

As mentioned in our 2024 Talent Outlook eBook—labour shortages, business transformation, the AI revolution and the rise of skills-based organizations are some of the driving forces behind emerging HR tech priorities becoming the new “need to haves”.

Organizations may feel the urgency to dash out to providers and get something implemented quickly. However, the “why” often hasn’t been understood well enough, leading to costly solutions that might not deliver on expectations—both for organizations and their people. Before organizations rush out to explore these “need to haves,” there is immeasurable value in pausing and exploring where you are today, where you would like to go, and then unpacking the steps to get there.

Why Talent Insights Maturity Models?

Generally, talent insights maturity refers to the level of sophistication and effectiveness an organization has in managing its talent and HR. This encompasses all areas of the talent lifecycle, from Talent Acquisition to Talent Management.

A talent insights maturity model is often used to assess an organization's level of maturity in managing its talent. These models typically range from basic to advanced stages, with each stage representing a higher level of capability and sophistication in talent management practices.

Why Your Talent Insights Maturity Level Matters

Regardless of where your organization is in terms of its journey, there is value in knowing what you can leverage today, and how to level up to get the most out of your talent data. If you are at the very start of your journey, there is value in starting small and identifying your most pressing challenges.

Below are some example questions you might want to test yourself against:

  • Do we have a plan in place to identify and develop high-potential employees for future leadership roles?
  • Are we providing opportunities for employees to advance their careers?
  • What strategies can we implement to identify and address skill gaps within our workforce?
  • Do we know what talent we have in the business today?

At higher levels of maturity, your talent questions and challenges are likely different. These may shift to include some of the examples below:

  • Do we use talent data for single uses cases like recruitment or development, or do we have an “always-on” view of talent across the full talent lifecycle?
  • If something changes in our strategy, industry, or region, are we prepared for what this means for our business today?
  • Are we prepared for the future?

Leading organizations are shifting their approaches to have tools and data that are fluid, dynamic and can be repurposed over time—with talent insights that can illuminate what can be achieved. With this approach, there is ongoing value to the organization and its people, with data being interconnected, enabling accurate future trends, and expected outcomes.


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Suhail Ramkilawan

With over 10 years of experience, Suhail is a Global Talent Management Solution Leader and a Registered Psychometrist. He is experienced in providing data-driven people measurement solutions to answer key talent questions, and support talent management initiatives within organizations. He is passionate about utilizing technology, data and insights to inform people decisions and drive business success.

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