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  • Industry: Global Tourism
  • Size: 10,000+
  • Region: EMEA


With over 70 years of service, the Costa Crociere Group is the world’s number one tour operator. Part of the Carnival Corporation, Costa has 27 ships in service, with an overall capacity of 76,000 guests, and six more next-generation ships are in the process of being introduced to the fleet in 2021. As a global leader in sustainable cruising, Costa Crociere is committed to responsible innovation, providing smart solutions and best practices leading the industry toward transforming its ecological footprint, with a particular focus on zero-emissions cruising in the near future. 

The Challenge 

The pandemic and resulting shutdowns required Costa to make fast, sweeping changes to employee work schedules, including shifting to all-remote daily operations for much of its workforce. With remote collaboration having spun up so quickly, the company needed a reliable tool for managers and employees to share reciprocal feedback for continual workforce improvement. In addition, Costa wanted a process for dependably monitoring the effectiveness of working off-site, and to better understand, on an ongoing basis, the developing aptitudes and attitudes of its employees. Previously, their understanding of employee motivation across their workforce was wholly dependent on manager and coworker opinions, making it hard to confidently assess how it affected business performance. Now, they needed a science-backed, data-driven approach they could rely on—one that would integrate seamlessly with Costa’s HR analytics infrastructure, and support insight-driven actions driving Costa’s business goals.

SHL Insights

74% of businesses expect most of their employees to continue to work from home after the COVID-19 pandemic subsides.

The Solution

As a company focused squarely on enabling effective communication, collaboration, and transparency within its ranks, Costa needed an efficient solution, optimized for them, that could accurately report the aptitude and attitudes of employees across their global workforce. Understanding that their traditional in-person approach was unlikely to work well assessing worker performance outside their offices, Costa turned to SHL for a quick but reliable solution to positively identify employee strengths and weaknesses remotely, and to provide developmental tools Costa could leverage to support and grow its newly remote workforce. To navigate these uncharted waters, Costa relied on SHL, deploying SHL’s RemoteWorkQ across nearly 700 workers to assess their work relationships, work habits, self-development, and general well-being. SHL’s psychometric science matched employee responses to eight behaviors known to be critical to remote work success. The short questionnaire enabled Costa to quickly understand each employee’s individual work habits and self-motivation, assess the workforce’s collective readiness to excel, and pinpoint specific areas for improvement. These actionable insights helped management sail through the unprecedented challenges of the pandemic while continually upholding the high standards of productivity and efficiency.

The Results

Using SHL’s RWQ to better understand the behaviors and motivations of its employees has allowed Costa to better align its human resource infrastructure to company goals. Transforming worker assessment, by introducing expert, science-backed people insights, allows Costa to make more deeply informed decisions that improve productivity in a suddenly remote working environment. Identifying specific support needs help Costa ensure its remote workforce is armed with all the developmental tools and resources they need, increasing employee engagement, improving productivity, and enabling Costa to confidently engineer future-forward strategies in an uncertain world. For more than ten years, Costa has partnered with SHL, grounding its development processes and workforce building activities firmly in SHL’s world-leading psychometric tools. When Costa needed a quick and reliable solution for the challenge posed by the pandemic, they turned to SHL—and we answered the call. SHL is proud to provide the easily integrated products, unparalleled people science, and deeply informed insights that keep this global tour leader cruising into the future—full speed ahead.

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