In today's talent market, one in five employees are likely to switch companies, and lack of career development and advancement is the number one reason for quitting. Traditional HR strategies focused on developing and investing in "top talent" have left a huge proportion of the workforce unsupported in their career journey. So how can you retain your workforce in today’s world?

To build a sustainable talent management strategy, we need to identify, support, engage, develop, and utilize all talent, not just the "top talent." By collecting and using scientifically proven, objective assessments, organizations can understand their entire talent population and build development initiatives based on data, increasing employee retention rates and aligning their workforce with their business strategy.

It is time to address the skill gaps and talent insights to retain talent and empower career pathways. SHL’s Competency Fit solution has been designed to make the collection, analysis, and visualization of talent data at scale easy for HR professionals, people managers, and employees.

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The world has changed. Your talent strategy should have, too.

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