Less than 20% of the population are considered top talent on at least half of the critical competencies required for sales success in today’s landscape. Is your sales team ready for the rapidly transforming global market? Learn how to hire, develop, and promote successful salespeople with our Sales Transformation Model.

The success of the sales function is critical to organizational growth, but many businesses are operating in a highly uncertain and complex environment. As we adapt to the rapid transformation of the global market, it's important to assess whether your sales team has what it takes to be successful in today's world.

We have identified three mega-trends that are shaping the way we buy, sell, and digitally interact, and what they mean for your sales function and success. In this eBook we covered these questions:

  • How has the sales landscape changed?
  • How has the buyer experience changed?
  • What are the emerging competencies that can help predict your sales success?
  • What do all the trends mean for sales professionals?
  • What “good” sales transformation model looks like?

SHL’s Sales Transformation solution measures the behaviors needed for sales success in today’s world, including commercial analytics, technology adoption, personalization, collaboration, and more.

Read eBook

Read eBook

Are you ready to hire, develop, and promote successful salespeople in today's world?

Discover SHL’s Sales Transformation solution and assess your sales population and uncover role fit and future performance. Hire your next top performers and drive organizational growth with our proven sales improvement plan and sales hiring strategy.

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