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Insights by Andy: Hiring Beyond Skills for Tech Talent

Chief Technology Officers across the globe are looking for tech talent that meets the needs of their team today but can also fulfill the potential of tomorrow. Learn how to hire for skill, fit, and potential.

Hello and welcome to this month’s edition of Insights!

For this episode, I was delighted to be joined by Himanshu Aggarwal, who was the co-founder of Aspiring Minds and now the Chief Growth Officer for SHL.

Aspiring minds is now part of SHL Group, and through this, we were able to combine science and technology to build the most robust portfolio of products on the HR Tech market. One of those includes the Tech Hiring Solution, which is the topic for today’s session.

Top Challenges of Hiring Tech Talent

For the first decade of his career, Himanshu wrote code, and in the last decade, he has created tools to help companies meet the growing demand for tech professionals. Technology has become a fundamental part of all industries – whether it be automotive, banks, or manufacturing. Due to the increased requirement of tech professionals, hiring has become quite a task!

Some of the greatest challenges include:

  1. Attracting talent,
  2. Providing them with an amazing experience, and
  3. The fortunate experience of a candidate choosing you!

Every tech professional seeking a job has several opportunities available to them, so speed in the hiring process matters greatly, and at the same time, you also have to impress the candidate throughout the hiring experience.

This means that efficient hiring processes are a must, so recruiters can provide a white glove experience rather than focusing on administrative work.

Finding Tech Talent in New Places

As we mentioned, everyone is looking for tech professionals… Tech hiring is not just for tech companies anymore. And of course, candidate experience is key. In addition, organizations have to hunt for qualified talent in new places because there is a shortage of people in this field compared to the number of jobs open.

Recruiters have become creative… looking in places like bootcamps, other alternative learning programs, etc.

But there is another way…

We have found that skill is not the only important attribute of a successful candidate… so is potential and cultural fit. When you have a candidate with the right soft skills and potential, people who can learn, adapt, and operate in a highly dynamic environment, then you can easily teach the skills needed to perform everyday tasks.

Through our tech hiring solution, we measure the technical skill of the candidate, but we also value looking beyond the need for today—we look for insights that will go beyond skills and truly measure the potential for tomorrow.

I personally speak with many Chief Technology Officers, and they are looking for the behaviors, attitudes, and agility that it takes to adapt to the ever–changing business environment. We are proud to offer an efficient solution that puts candidate experience at the forefront of the hiring process and measures the potential of the individual as much as the skill set they offer today.

A special thanks to Himanshu’s insight for our vlog today.

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Andy Bradshaw

Andy has spent over 25 years in technology and services businesses, over half of which has been in Human Capital Management (HCM). His career started performing a variety of roles for Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft, including running industry teams and building new customer segments. More recently taking senior leadership positions in mid-market organizations undergoing transformation. These included IT security, assessment and employee benefits segments. He returned as CEO of SHL 2 years ago, working with CEB and Gartner to establish SHL as an independent business. Andy is passionate about using people insight to improve business and individual performance.

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