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How to Find and Develop Good Talent

Learn how SHL helps you to find and develop good talent and take the guesswork of your talent decisions with our unrivalled science and data-driven insights.

When it comes to developing a successful talent strategy, there are two key considerations that organizations must consider:  

  • The right technology – Do you have the right technology to find and secure talent?
  • Talent retention – How can you find the best-matched talent for the roles you offered and ensure they are engaged even after they are hired?

Finding the right talent for your business can be a daunting challenge. You need in-depth, actionable insights into the people to yield a greater outcome for the businesses—insights that enable you to align people with what your business is trying to do. This is where SHL can help you.

How SHL helps you take the guesswork out of talent decisions 

SHL is the leading global, science-based talent solutions provider that helps private and public partners better understand how to hire, retain, and develop talent by blending the latest technology with science. With more than 45 years of experience and 45+ billion data points across the globe, SHL offers talent acquisition and talent management solutions that help companies with hiring, talent retention, and developing talent with accuracy and agility.

Talent Acquisition 

SHL leverages the power of data, science and technology to delivers companies with the wisdom to make informed people decisions. Finding the ideal match between the company and the candidate involves evaluation around different metrics related to behavior, competency, skills, capabilities, motivation, and experience. These criteria are tailored to the requirements of the company and enables them to identify the right fit for the role and their culture. With the power of people science, SHL helps companies automate the hiring process, increase efficiency, reduce bias from hiring decisions, and improve candidate experience.

Talent Management

SHL’s talent management solutions help companies identify hidden gems, accelerates internal mobility, and support career development and succession planning. Through immediate, configurable insights, and predictive modeling for different scenarios, companies can revamp their talent strategy by knowing the true potential of their people.

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With our platform of pre-configured talent acquisition and talent management solutions, maximize the potential of your company’s greatest asset—your people.

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