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Why a Personalized Candidate Experience Matters

Learn why a personalized candidate experience matters and how SHL Video Feedback helps you to deliver a branded hiring experience and in-depth feedback at scale.

A personalized candidate experience sets a business apart from their competitors. First impressions and decisions to join an organization are often influenced by the hiring experience. Despite the importance, candidate experience still remains elusive for many organizations. Glassdoor studies show that 72 percent of job seekers will share poor candidate experiences with others (55 percent of those will avoid applying to companies with negative online reviews).

Providing an engaging and personalized candidate experience is difficult as expectations for constant communication increase and mounting administrative work clogs the flow between recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates.

What is Video Feedback?

SHL Video Feedback is our recent innovation in technology and automation that has enabled recruiters to automate the feedback process and create a personalized candidate experience. It humanizes the feedback process by changing the approach from being passive to interactive and offering value whether they are offered a job or not.

How does Video Feedback work?

SHL Video Feedback allows companies to:

  • Give feedback to candidates at scale
  • Access easy-to-understand, actionable insights
  • Build a branded and personalized candidate experience

SHL’s Video Feedback, enables companies to deliver valuable candidate experience that create brand advocates even among candidates who do not end up getting an offer. With personalized, automated feedback recruiters are empowered to deliver actionable, strength-based insights at scale.

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