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Create a Unique Candidate Experience to Attract Top Talent: What HR Can Learn from Marketing

In this short presentation, we give an overview of how to deploy marketing concepts in your recruiting process to better understand candidate behavior, deliver outcomes and adapt to change.

Some hallmarks of world-class digital marketing campaigns are finding their way into our recruiting and hiring strategies. Concepts such as: personalization, interaction, video, context, artificial intelligence. We’ll dig into some of the key “lessons learned” that our peers in Marketing have navigated so we can be well prepared in applying these concepts to improve our hiring programs.

More specifically we discuss the following:

  • Lessons that recruiting experts can learn from marketing in applying a data driven approach to managing the candidate experience
  • Ways to reduce candidate resentment, increase candidate engagement, improve time to hire, while also delivering top talent at scale
  • How you can manage the candidate experience ‘‘as a science’’

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