Research suggests that most of the jobs that will be in demand in 2030 are not yet in existence, so how can talent acquisition leaders prepare for the future? As roles evolve at an extraordinary rate, is past experience a reliable predictor of success? Organizations that are looking for more a future-ready talent strategy are increasingly opting for skills-based approach.

Join SHL’s talent acquisition experts in this webinar where they discuss:

  • The role of skills – both present and future – in meeting organizations’ talent needs
  • Insights from SHL's latest research on the availability of different skills across regions and industries
  • How to use this information to build more effective professional hiring processes, make future-ready people decisions, and create an agile talent marketplace within your own organization.

Gain proprietary global insights on candidate skills and learn best practices from SHL’s expert speakers. Whether you are a business leader or an HR professional, this webinar offers valuable information and strategies to navigate the dynamic job market and build a sustainable workforce.

Watch the webinar replay below:

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