Out of all generations, Gen Z is impacted the most by the pandemic as it has tremendously diminished job and learning opportunities for them. However, despite the challenge, this generation has unique skills that are an asset in today’s workplace and may define the future world of work and leadership. By 2040, many leadership positions around the globe will be held by Gen Z and they will dominate the workforce before you know it.

In this paper, we studied the intellectual capability and behavioral style of Gen Z, using the participants of Adecco’s CEO for One Month program as a sample. The study provides a holistic assessment on Gen Z’s:

  • Thinking style
  • Behavioral style
  • Ability to address challenges
  • Top drivers for motivation

This paper is useful for leaders and organizations who are in the process of building a long-term talent acquisition and management plan, so they can engage and support Gen Z to develop them into future leaders in the ever-changing world.

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