We are witnessing the biggest evolution in the workplace in decades as the pandemic accelerates changes already underway. As the hybrid work model takes over workplaces, we now have a great opportunity to reinvent and improve work experiences for generations to come.

At SHL, we examined this second shift using SHL’s proprietary global databases on personality, work preferences, and motivators. The pandemic has had a profound impact on us as individuals—the data explored shows that our core motivators and preferences have been re-calibrated. The "Using People Insight to Make Hybrid Work" report provides key insight to enable genuine progress in the next phase of hybrid work through data-led approaches to talent acquisition and talent management.

How the Pandemic Changed Us as Individuals

SHL used our OPQ, MQ, and RWQ to research the workforce’s personality, work preferences, and core motivators. Check out some of our key findings.

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Discover our collection of best practices for building and sustaining a successful hybrid work culture.

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Learn how to use this insight to sustain a happy, healthy hybrid work environment. 

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