Gamification and game-based assessment have increasingly gained popularity in the hiring landscape, and in the years to come it also is likely that we will see more changes in the way assessments are delivered. However, despite the growing prevalence, there is much confusion surrounding terms such as “gamification”, “serious games”, and “game-based assessments”. Furthermore, there is also limited literature surrounding the topic, especially the outcomes of specific gamified elements at varying levels of intensity and across different types of assessment.

In this paper, we discussed each term and how they differ from each other, as well as some elements that make up gamification. Moreover, we also investigated several key aspects that organizations must consider when they are looking into implementing gamification in assessment or game-based assessment such as:

  • Return of investment
  • Candidate reactions
  • Adverse impact
  • Validity
  • Other considerations

This paper is useful for organizations that are evaluating their hiring process and are looking into practical and scientific considerations that should be taken into account when applying gamified elements in assessment or when designing a game-based assessment.

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