In today's world, change is the only constant. With revolutionary advances in AI technology, workers with soft skills and innovative thinking will be in high demand. At the same time, businesses are struggling to find the right skills, making it difficult for them to stay competitive. This is where our comprehensive study of skills of the future comes in.

We have mapped Josh Bersin’s PowerSkills to SHL's Universal Competency Assessment, providing a global sample of 67,592 individuals from across the world. Our study explores PowerSkills by region, industry, and over time to understand emerging trends and enhance volume recruitment by helping recruiters find workers who will thrive in the new age of work.

Read SHL’s 'Skills of the Future and Where to Find Them' to discover how to stay ahead of the competition by finding and developing the behavioral skills that are critical for success in the new age of work. 

The future of work is rapidly changing, and staying ahead of the curve will require a commitment to continuous learning and development.

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