Talent data is viewed and analyzed in line with the Universal Competency Framework (UCF) – a single underlying construct framework that provides a rational, consistent and practical basis for understanding people’s behaviors at work.

The SHL Universal Competency Framework (UCF) is the trusted standard for competency-based assessment. It helps reduce reliance on skills, produces tailored competency models quickly and efficiently and produces a more consistent-quality product for client organizations.

The UCF provides the ability to produce tailored competency models quickly and efficiently from a standard set of components. The competency-based assessment reduces reliance on skills and produces a more consistent, -quality product for client organizations.

Read SHL’s white paper to understand:

  • The definition of competencies and how the UCF was built.
  • The key benefits of using a competency model
  • How to assess people in the workplace

Read White Paper

Read White Paper

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